Mjrn (dewdrop_pebbles) wrote in mooglenet,


[Mjrn is wide-eyed and sprinting across the snowy landscape just outside Narshe, as the sun rises. The screen angle is shaky, as she doesn't dare stop.]

Lord Larsa! There is an emergency--

[She nearly stumbles, but keeps going, and pans the screen back enough to show the large swarm of Silver Dragons soaring toward the town. Then she picks up the pace, darting into town and back toward the Solidor's estate as swiftly as her feet can take her.]

[ooc: Spam away, all ye who live and work and recover in Narshe.]
Tags: !action post, !video post, agrias oaks, edward chris von muir, gabranth, larsa ferrinas solidor, mjrn, penelo, rinoa heartilly, selphie tilmitt
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